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Diabetic shoe vs regular shoe
Diabetic shoe vs regular shoe

Diabetic shoes compared to the regular shoes that we wear every day different because they are specially designed for people who have diabetes. Unlike the regular shoes, the diabetic shoes are made from other materials like Zennon, real leather and others. These materials are specially used to improve the situation of a diabetic foot. Also, the designs of these diabetic shoes are specifically drawn for different purposes. Examples of these are the shoes great for people suffering from bunions, hammertoes, corns, neuromas and poor circulation.

To make things more clear about the difference between a regular shoe and a diabetic shoe, the diabetic shoes are made with adaptable depth and size and moldable insoles to be conventional with the foot. With all the features of the diabetic shoes, it is understandably more expensive than regular shoes. When it comes to ventilation, the diabetic shoes prohibit an excessive flow of air inside the shoe because this may lead to moisture formation that may further lead to bacteria formation. Unlike the regular shoes, exact fitting is strictly observed in diabetic shoes. That’s why adjustable designs are made to ensure that the foot is comfortable and well-protected. However, like the common ones, diabetic shoes also vary in style. To make the user feel more comfortable in using the diabetic shoes, the manufacturers considered making styles such as the sandals, slip-ons, pumps and many others. Also, the diabetic shoes are offered for both men and women, with styles encompassing even those of the regular pairs. These diabetic shoes are available worldwide.

The only difference a regular shoe and a diabetic shoe has is that the latter is made and worn by every one in their every day activities, while the former is made and worn specifically for people who have diabetes. But despite the differences, they are still footwear prepared for every individual to have on and to protect their feet.

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