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A Croc is the newest most comfortable clogs in the planet. These long-lasting clogs are good for relieving pressure on joints and also good in aiding in healing from back or knee surgery, a reason why even the doctors love it. These clogs now come in different kinds of styles and also vary in color. Since it has begun to gain its popularity all around the United States of America, the market for Crocs is still expanding.

The croc was first made in 2002. This was actually intended to be boating shoes because it is a slip-resistant and a non-marking sole. It made its debut in November 2002 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Starting that day, the Crocs fame blossomed.

The Crocs are made from ethyl vinyl acetate, a substance that makes the clogs trivial, anti-microbial and smell resistant. According to the stores that sell these clogs, the average cost for a pair of Crocs is $29.99 (not including tax). Since it is a best-selling, the Crocs market has produced different styles such as the Beach, which is the original design, Kids Cayman, Nile and Highland. And according to the news, a new style called Aspen would be out in the stores soon.

Another fact to this fashionable clog is that it made with Croslite. Croslite is not plastic nor rubber. It is rather a clogged-cell resin that is usually described as “squishy” because it softens amid body heat and conforms to the feet of the user. It is also microbial; therefore the Crocs are defiant to bacteria which cause foot stink.

All in all, the Crocs are not only fashionable clogs that are comfortable to wear. But they are also “health-conscious” foot wears that are ideal to be used every day, regardless of ones gender, age or profession.

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